Screenshot shortcut problems

 From:  Samuel Zeller
Hi guys,

Here's the shortcut I use for taking screenshots (for quickly showing stuff to the client)

script: /* Custom screenshot */ var prev_background = moi.view.viewportBackgroundColor; moi.view.viewportBackgroundColor = 0xFFFFFF; moi.view.lineWidth = 0.1; moi.grid.display = false; moi.grid.showXYAxes = false; moi.ui.getActiveViewport().renderToClipboard( 2560, 1600 ); moi.view.lineWidth = 1; moi.grid.display = true; moi.grid.showXYAxes = true; moi.view.viewportBackgroundColor = prev_background;

There's two things I'd like to add to this script,

1. Hide the viewport name (top, left, right, bottom etc...) that is captured in the screenshot
2. Set the mesh angle to 3 before taking the screenshot then set it back to 8
(EDIT) 3. Hide the XYZ stuff on the bottom left

That way it will be perfect for my needs :)

Thanks !