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Hi Rudy,

This morning I didn't have time to write a full tutorial so I just posted the models with a quick explanation. I'm glad some of it was understandable...As I read your message I remembered how confusing it was when I first began working in Rhino...I'm not a math or engineering guy, so I found all the new terminology and concepts very intimidating at first

I'll break the construction of the ring down into separate examples for each step and post a new file. Then, if there is anything in particular that you have questions about, please post it on the forum.

I agree that MoI is easier to approach and it just feels more comfortable to work in it...I find myself using it more than Rhino these days. Rhino really isn't hard to learn, once you get your initial bearings, but it can be intimidating because that there are so many tools and options to take in at once, that you don't know where to start! And if you're accustomed to working at the bench with regular jewelry making tools, you also have to adjust your mind to a different way to think about design... it really does require some extra metal energy to absorb all these new concepts and methods, but the benefit of it is that by learning to merge art and technology you can open up your creativity in ways you've never imagined before and have the ability to make things that were not possible for you to do by hand. It's really amazing! ;-)


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