tutorial for jewelry

 From:  Rudy
first, thank you very much for MOI and this great forum.
1- A question to Michael?
Do you have any idea about the cost of MOI?

2- to everybody out there.... I am struggling to learn Rhino to use in creating jewelry designs...let's say that after 12hrs working, opening Rhino and learn it's hard.
Somehow MOI is much more intuitive and easy and I have a very good feeling...seems that I am learning faster. I really like it a lot!
However, I really would like to have some kind of tutorials in creating simple, bezel or prongs rings with a center stone (see attachments).
One is a rendered 3D model created in Rhino adn rendered in flamingo, the other is a sapphire ring we crafted a while ago, 3rd one is a red coral ring, again crafted a while ago.
Not sure that I am asking too much....thank you very much to all of you, to Michael, for all your time and expertise, and definetely looking forward to buy V.1