v3 upgrade pricing and release date??

 From:  BurrMan
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""""""""I do not currently know if there will be an upgrade path from V1 to V3 skipping V2,""""""""""""""""""""""

Right now, there is too much value happening in the devlopment of MoI for me personally to skip. However, at some point, it may make sense to consider this (May be much further down the road)

Several of my Adobe products "punish" a skipped upgrade with higher prices. The development on those more mature products, for me, doesnt always warrant upgrading though It seems I may stop using some because the upgrade is almost a full price now, and they are kindof expensive.

However, As your business is fledgling, I also dont see "punishing" the developer!

For me, at this stage, I see the value in every release as warranting the cost. At some point, if release versions become Mundane, like "I added some icons for commands already there" then I would push for a more relaxed upgrade path.

Just some input. Thanks.