v3 upgrade pricing and release date??

 From:  Michael Gibson
5354.2 In reply to 5354.1 
Hi Tony, there is not any release date set for v3 yet, there is still a lot of stuff that I want to add in to it.

My best wild guess at the moment would be sometime in the first half of next year, maybe something like 6-7 months from now. That is just a total guess though.

The pricing is not finalized but most likely it will not change from V2, and the upgrade pricing from v1 to v2 was $100.

I do not currently know if there will be an upgrade path from V1 to V3 skipping V2, right now the license mechanism expects that upgrades happen from the last prior version and not from a skipped version behind it. That's something that I might work on changing to allow a skipped version upgrade but I'm not entirely sure that will happen.

There is quite a lot of new stuff and improvements in v2 as compared to v1 so I'd definitely recommend upgrading to v2 now and then v3 later next year. V1 is really pretty old at this point. And actually to get the best and most up to date stuff I'd really recommend running the v3 beta release right now as the main version to use, you can use it if you have a v2 license.

- Michael