Which rendering application?

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Hi Michael,

Your advice about changing the way MoI exports as a lwo file certainly helped eliminate some of the odd things. To get a good export I find I have to change the 'angle' from a default of 12 to 4 degrees. This results in much more data but less work for me to do in Modo.

My main problem seems to be in getting the surfaces to join up nicely prior to export. I can select the whole model and run the join command but some surfaces remain separate. Once in Modo I need to sub-divide the model for a very smooth finish and these surfaces pull apart. I can solve this by a) running the merge command on vertices that are within a short distance of one another (100um) but beyond that I need to manually join edges / vertices which is taking a long time.

I guess I need to go back to my model in MoI and figure out how to get those surfaces locked together. Maybe dusing v3beta will help with this.