Moi on Mac Mountain Lion won't launch

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi chippwalters,

> Am I correct in thinking MOI runs in a Wine instance?

Yes, that's correct, although there are also some Objective-C cocoa pieces as well in addition to that.

> Seems like it should be pretty slow-- much slower than PC. Is this the case?

Nope, it's not slow at all - MoI is plenty zippy on Mac. Maybe you are thinking of something that runs code in some kind of intermediate "virtual machine" environment like Parallels or VMWare? Those are quite different systems than Wine - Wine does not work like that, Wine actually loads program code and executes it directly on the CPU so regular program calculations run at 100% full native CPU execution speed.

So as far as low level code execution performance goes, that part is handled very well by Wine.

However, the whole package is not currently compatible with Mountain Lion, but I think it should be with the next v3 beta release.

Please keep in mind that Mountain Lion has only been released very recently, and it has taken some time for some various support libraries to get updated to run on it.

- Michael