How to remove duplicate surfaces? (MoI v2)

Hi, I've been working on a complex car body composed mainly of compound curves. MoI has proved much better at doing this than other applications I have tried (Modo, LightWave, C4D) but I have run into a problem which is of my own making:

Somewhere along the line I have cut and paste an object while zoomed in and not realised that most of the car body was also selected. This is a big problem because I am not just talking about the outer surfaces here. All the framework around the doors, grills and so on was duplicated too. It isn't difficult to see where this has happened because selecting a panel that has two instances creates a weird visual effect and the second panel can be removed but it's a long process and could take hours to complete. I tried selecting the whole thing but just end up deleting everything!

So - has anyone written a script to help with this kind of thing? I know that when I export the model to Modo for rendering I can merge overlapping geometry (lines, vertices) but it would be better to sort it out in MoI. There is still a lot of work to do and the model is already around 125Mb (MoI v2 is working very well by the way with this on a dual core 32bit machine).

I guess that while I am here I should say that, as much as I love MoI, I do have a love hate relationship with the object selection strategy it employs. I understand why being able to click on multiple objects and have them all stay selected is good for when you are working with a pen and tablet and there are times when I wish I had the option in Modo to do the same. However, the convention on Windows machines (don't know about Macs) is to hold down shift first and then click to select multiple objects. If I consider the time I spend working with MoI, I realise that a great deal of it is spent going back and undoing actions because an unintended object remained selected somewhere. Perhaps I am just being clumsy or careless but, for me, a great enhancement would be to have the option in preferences of switching over to the conventional method of multiple selection - using the shift key.

The other thing I am missing is the ability to limit selection to certain kinds of object: surfaces or edges. That might be in there somewhere and I just haven't found it yet but I would love to be able to hold down a hot-key (say... e for edges or s for surfaces) whilst clicking to restrict selection to a particular object type. Just a thought.

I want to end by qualifying all of the above. MoI is brilliant and now my application of choice for modelling. It has enbled me to put onto paper ideas I have have in my head for 30 years but struggled to realise with other applications going as far back as Carrara v1 for PC. That may just be a reflection of my limited abilities :-) but that fact that I can now do these things is fantastic.