I need help with flow command.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Rudy,

> Here it is where it gets heird.... My ring here gets divided in two sections (see image2). WHY?

Your ring is already divided into two sections just in how it is structured - notice how before doing any flow at all there is an edge running down the middle of it?

It's made up of two faces going across because your original profile curve was made up of 2 lines going across instead of just a single line going across.

Also the other thing that you're missing is having a base surface - you've got an object to deform and a target surface, but the way Flow works is that you need 3 pieces of information - an object to deform, a "base surface" (which you are missing, it would normally be an additional separate plane underneath your object to deform), and then a target surface, which here you would want to be a single surface on your ring so you would want to fix the profile curve structure to just be made up of line line across and reconstruct it to get a good single target surface.

- Michael