I need help with flow command.

 From:  Rudy
Hello Michael,
How are you? This is Rudy.

I am tying to wrap around (flow around) a pattern to my external surface of ring (see file).

here is how I understand the procedure, but do not get the result.

1- I click flow command, select object to flow. Here I put the cursor on the corner of patter (marked in red). It highlights. Click done
2- Select "base curve or surface".
Here it is where it gets heird.... My ring here gets divided in two sections (see image2). WHY?
So , I click on the edge of my half-ring , it highlights, and it prmpt me again with a "select target surface near matching edge side" and I click on the edge of other half-ring (original edge matching pattern)
3- my pattern duplicates. If I mark "rigid" the straight, duplicated pattern mirrors. If I check "flip surface normal" it produces something......(see image 4)

What am I doing wrong. Why my ring get's divided in two sections?

Thank you for your time. I love MOI.
But I have so many things to learn......
can somebody explain me in details how this works?
Thank you.


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