Knife 2.0

 From:  Michael Gibson
5320.6 In reply to 5320.5 
Hi torsten, yeah probably the edge-based filleter will have difficulty trying to put a fillet on edges that run into such a combined thin and also simultaneously pointy area like that.

You will probably need to use an alternate mechanism for modeling the smaller rounded parts, maybe constructing a rounded sweep surface, or cutting some area away from each side and using Blend.

You also might be able to use surface/surface fillet for building a fair amount of the needed fillets. Surface/surface filleting is when you break your model apart into individual unjoined surfaces and then select 2 surfaces at a time and then do the fillet. That generates the fillet in a somewhat different way that is calculated more directly between each surface instead of tracking along edges like the regular edge-based fillet will do.

The surface/surface fillet does not do things like deal with corner junctions where multiple fillets are running into one another - that's one reason why it can generate stuff in areas where the edge based filleter will have difficulty though.

- Michael