Knife 2.0

 From:  Michael Gibson
5320.4 In reply to 5320.1 
Hi torsten, thanks for posting the file. Generally it is easier to put in bigger bevels and rounds first before doing smaller ones. Currently you already have some smaller radius rounds around there in that same area:

Or now that I look at your curves it looks like you've got those rounds baked into directly into the profiles themselves.

You probably need to have that larger rounded area built in earlier, possibly start with the profiles making all sharp edges and then you can put in a larger radius fillet in the corner to make that portion of the model and then worry about getting the smaller rounds in after that, although you may have to custom sweep in the small ones since probably the fillter will have difficulty putting in little fillets on something that comes to a sharp and narrow point like that.

But a fillet like this would work for rounding the corner, also see attached 3DM file.

Once that larger feature is in place then start to worry about the smaller sized rounding after that, you may need to build a long sweep along there or trim back some open space and use Blend to put in some smooth connector pieces, because probably edge filleting on stuff that runs all the way to the narrow sharp point will get confused.

- Michael