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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Rachel, so a different kind of strategy for doing the kind of shape that you're looking for could be to add the asymmetry by starting out with a revolve and then carving off a piece, rather then trying to do a network. That would then follow more of the type of workflow that MoI's more focused on which is trying to primarily use a smaller number of 2D curves to construct your object rather than trying to make something out of all 3D curve only like you're trying to do more with Network.

The more 2D focused workflow would be like this - start with one 2D curve like this:

Do a revolve to get the base form:

Draw another 2D curve in the Top view like this:

In the 3D view it now looks like this:

Now select the revolve base solid, and run Construct > Boolean > Difference on it and use that other 2D curve as the cutting object - that will divide the revolve into asymmetrical pieces and select the piece you don't want and delete it:

Note that it's best not to cut a revolve in such a way that might leave only a little tiny bit of the "seam edge" still left on it.

Then to round things off select this edge:

And then fillet:

When you're trying to build a whole 3D object out of one network, that starts getting more into a sculpting type workflow which usually fits a polygon modeling program better than the kind of operations that MoI is focused on. Doing more work by a smaller number of 2D profile curves and using booleans and fillets as a main part of the process is more what fits MoI's main type of workflow.

- Michael