Problem with network

 From:  Michael Gibson
5316.8 In reply to 5316.7 
Hi Rachel, one thing to watch out for is that the tip of your shape is mangled, although it is not necessary for Network to have all the pieces touching one another it is really best to do so in areas where the whole network is collapsing down to a single point, otherwise without all the pieces meeting up well you will basically end up with a chaotic mess in that area and if a surface is messy and bunched up and overlaps back and forth on top of itself that will make it not possible to get a proper solid from it.

If you zoom in on the tip area you can see it looks like this:

So you'll need to get a better constructed surface result there before you'll be able to make a proper solid from that.

If you did have a well formed surface, you would be able to make a solid out of it with the kind of other intersecting surfaces by either using Edit > Trim to trim all the pieces with one another discarding the extra pieces, or also if you've got a set of surfaces that cross over each other so that there is a common volume inside you can select them all and run Construct > Boolean > Merge to solidify them, see the intersecting-surfaces example here:

But right now with a kind of inexact network that does not have touching points at the tip, that's trying to pull the result in too many different directions all in the same area, it usually helps to make things come together more exactly in areas like that.

- Michael