Problem with network

 From:  mnrsiat
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I will attach the file, which shows the shape I got with Network which I am completely happy with (it morphs in a different way than your example although I will probably use Flow in the future). But now I have another problem, which is that I can't figure out how to make a solid from the 2d curves I drew. There are 3 of them and I need to join them all to make a kind of cup shape where the inside and outside are different: the outside is the Network shape (ear) and the inside is a kind of curved box, colored aqua and named 'motor cover', which will fit over a flange in an existing device.

Will I be able to generate the solid from these shapes? I think it should be clear to a person looking at it what the solid I need should look like, and all the bits are there and they intersect, but I haven't been able to get them to join up (and drop the excess).

thanks again for all your help!