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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Rachel,

> Is there a more suitable tool for this purpose?

For more organic style models a polygon modeling toolset can be a better fit in general - they use a much different modeling approach which is more about manipulating a cage of points and not about drawing curves like MoI's construction method.

The "draw curves" method that MoI uses is particularly strong when much of your objects are defined well by 2D profile curves like they are for mechanical objects. Organic objects have a lot less 2D profile nature to them and so MoI's approach becomes less of a fit for organic models.

If you do want just a dome shape like in your example file though, drawing in just one profile curve and using Revolve is a better tool for a symmetrical type rounded tip thing like that.

That would look something like this - just draw in one profile curve that's just a half of one of the ones you currently have like this:

And that's all you need actually, no extra circles - then select that one half profile there and run Construct > Revolve. Pick the revolve axis starting at the endpoint of the profile and then coming downwards:

Revolve then forms a surface by swinging the profile around using the axis line like a hinge, it will automatically make a circular result to it:

But I'm not entirely certain if you were actually wanting tips on building a different kind of shape than what you had in that example file - these tips for revolve here are on that particular kind of dome-like shape that you had in that file.

- Michael