Issues with seams: MoI > C4D

 From:  sneather
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Thank you ALL so much for the terrific, comprehensive and timely assistance.
This also gives me great confidence (being a new user) that this is also a great forum for future stumbling blocks.

First, I will practice implementing and experimenting with all of your suggestions. I love the idea of that special script to help highlight the naked edges. Although, that brings me to a question about those kinds of things. Is there an extensive (hidden?) library of such useful commands that I need to memorize, or add to other quick keys? My limited use of Rhino proved that I needed to know many of those commands in order to really use the program to its strengths.

Second, it will be my goal, and hopefully should not be an issue to get STEP files from my clients. This test IGES file was just something I had sitting around from a year ago, for a product that never made it to market, so I never commenced work on it. I just wanted to test out that file structure, and learn some more about MoI. In regards to the asset file format. My understanding is that STEP is the best format, but are there any specific settings of which the client needs to be aware, when they export from their CAD systems (Pro/E, Solidworks, etc.)? I would assume, depending on what they are using, the BEST possible format, would actually be .3dm. But I think that only applies to Rhino and MoI, or am I wrong there? Can Pro/E or Solidworks also write to that common format?

Thank you all, again!