Issues with seams: MoI > C4D

 From:  sneather

First post, and brand new MoI Mac user.

I'm having some serious issues with seams or cracks in surface geometry with exported .OBJ files.

I'm working with an IGES CAD file from a client. It imports, and displays beautifully in MOI. It has the proper layer/object names, and even the color codes for the various parts, just like it would have had in the originating CAD program.

However, I'm at a total loss when it comes to exporting a high-quality .OBJ to use in Cinema 4D R13. When I import the model into C4D (regardless of whether it's been exported out with N-Gons, quads & tris or just poly-tris) I'm finding obvious cracks in many of the seams.

When I follow the very (!) limited instruction in the MoI user's guide, to "join" adjacent surfaces first (assuming I'm doing so correctly) it has absolutely NO discernible affect back in C4D. The imported .OBJ model is still exactly as flawed as before.

Changing the export mesh fidelity seems to have no benefit either. It just makes the file larger, and slower, but the exact same flaws are still there.

There is no difference between the import directly into Cinema, versus importing using RipTide.

Finally, the offending seams look to be perfectly aligned inside MoI. The surfaces seem to meet up at precisely the same poly-lines. So, it's not like they are (obviously) further than that .005 threshold number for "join" to work.

HELP! Please. This was the only reason I bought MoI, and I'm stuck until I can solve this riddle.

Thank you.

P.S. I just added an example project file with one of the offending parts, as well as a screen grab showing one of the (many) problem seam locations.

EDITED: 4 Aug 2012 by SNEATHER