2d blend and trim

 From:  Michael Gibson
5304.2 In reply to 5304.1 
Hi Marc, I've added "adjustable blend" to my todo list.

> I was wondering if even a kind of 2d eraser tool might be useful in moi.

You mean similar to a bitmap type eraser? One thing that I'd be kind of concerned about is the possibility of getting too many little teeny tiny fragments. Maybe something that was a kind of quick trim of everything past the end of the curve after a certain point would be doable though.

> Also, being able to re-edit the blend bulge afterwards would be very cool, but I guess it might be complex to implement.

That one would probably be part of a whole extended history editing mechanism. I would like to do that at some point but it will certainly be a huge amount of work involved to do it properly.

- Michael