From:  Michael Gibson
53.2 In reply to 53.1 
> Is there a limit to the number of objects (or / and curves) before speed drop down dramaticaly?

It depends a lot on your system - CPU, RAM, video card.... So there isn't really any specific number that can be given for all circumstances.

If you are working on heavy scenes and things seem to be slowing down, you may want to adjust the mesh display angles to be coarser - those are under Options, Surface angle, and Trim curve angle - putting those up to around 20 will result in a coarser display but that has fewer polygons so it will be faster. The default is set to a pretty high density to give a smoother look.

Are you working on something where you have run into a sudden big speed drop?

> Is somewhere writing number of objects/ curves created?

There is nowhere to get this right now. Eventually it will probably be shown in some kind of object property editing UI, something like "51 curves selected", .... But it will be a while before that is ready.

> Option to hide "hotPoint" (little crosses) when you move, copy, rotate... a big number of objects?

There is a setting in the .ini file (c:\documents and Settings\michael\application data\moi\moi.ini) to turn it off. In the [Drawing Aids] section, set ObjectSnapShowMarkers=n.

Make sure you shut down MoI before you edit the .ini file.

But that will turn it off for everything, not just for a big number of objects.

- Michael