Lofting again and again and....

 From:  Michael Gibson
5297.2 In reply to 5297.1 
Hi Lara,

> 1. do I have to loft again and again if I want to insert a further spline into the model?

Yes, if you want the loft to include a new profile that was not originally included in the loft you do need to delete the loft and then do a new loft that includes it. One thing to note is that if your profiles are all one parallel planes like you are showing, you can just do a window select of all profiles and the Loft command will sort them into order itself. So it only takes a couple of seconds to reapply the loft in a case like you are showing there.

> 2. Is it possible to change the settings on an existing loft - for example from "loose" to "exact"?

No, there isn't any way currently to edit those kinds of parameters on an existing loft, you need to redo the loft for producing a different style.

In the future I do want to make a deeper history editing function that would allow you to do these kinds of edits that you are asking about but the current level of history is focused on editing of shapes and not other kinds of parameters.

- Michael