Heads Up! Beta crashes in OSX 10.8

 From:  phlatt5th (P5TH)
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Oh the deed is already done. I do have a Dell workstation as well as Bootcamp on my laptop 2nd partition. I have had 98 percent of my apps functioning well so far since the upgrade. The crazy part is Moi 2.5 is a beast and I have been pushing it pretty hard for a couple of days without a hiccup in Mountain Lion (lucky I guess). So I assumed that I would have no problem with the Beta :) I know it is frustrating but please don't give up on OSX it is needed and your hard work is much very much appreciated.

PS I love the new additions to the V3 WIP, it seems a touch zippier also, you are a magician.
Oh, don't forget the script copier for Windows V3 :)

Thanks again Michael.