cylinder offset fail

 From:  Michael Gibson
5291.4 In reply to 5291.1 
Hi wim, yup that's definitely a bug - unfortunately it's one deep in the geometry library that MoI uses and so not so easy for me to fix right away.

Most likely the edges in that area that gets messed up are at a very slight angle to one another instead of meeting up totally smoothly, and that kind of situation can be difficult for the offsetter to deal with, it basically tries to extend edges that are at an angle and intersect them but when the angle between things is very shallow it tends to be difficult to get a clean intersection.

The surface offset mechanism is something that the guys who make the geometry library that MoI uses have been working on overhauling for a while now, so hopefully that should improve in a future version.

> I could of course make the convergating shape first and boolean substract it from a cylinder
> with a wall, but that is quite a workaround I think.

That way would generally tend to be more robust though, so in the future if you know you want some thickness in the end result try to apply the thickening to the most simple shape that you can before cutting it up. There is just in general more stuff that can go wrong with offsetting that there is with booleans.

The other thing that you might check is to make sure that your outline that was used to cut the hole had exact 180 degree arcs on it and not anything just slightly off from that.

- Michael