SketchUp back to MoI

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Rich,

> I have the WIP Rhino for OSX, but when I save out a 3dm from there MoI wont open the file...

That's because Rhino has stored a polygon mesh object in the 3DM file, while MoI only reads NURBS objects from 3DM files.

There are all kinds of various different things that Rhino can put in 3DM files like spotlights, dimensions, mesh objects, annotation dots, etc... MoI does not deal with all of that other stuff, it's only set up to work with NURBS objects.

That's kind of the fundamental problem - your SKP file has its data as polygon meshes - that is a much different way to structure 3D model data than the way MoI structures it. Polygon mesh data does not have any actual curved surfaces in it, instead curved surfaces are approximated by a lot of little flat triangular facets. MoI is not set up to work with that kind of faceted data, instead the NURBS surfaces that MoI is designed to use are spline surfaces that are actual smooth entities.

It is possible for MoI to export to a polygon mesh by taking the large smooth NURBS surfaces and dicing them up into little pieces. But it's not so easy to go the reverse way and start with already diced up pieces and try to reform large surface sheets from that.

It's sort of like how if you start with apples you can get applesauce by smashing the apples up. But if you start with applesauce it is not so easy to reform apples from that.

So because of that, typically the process of moving data from MoI to Sketchup is a one way street, where you can export data you create in MoI into the SKP polygon mesh format (with sufaces getting diced up into facets) which SketchUp can open, but not go the reverse way at least not easily.

If your SKP file is primarily made up of larger planar surfaces and not a bunch of triangulated ones that are trying to emulate curved surfaces, there is an option in Windows Rhino I think for opening the SKP and converting things into trimmed planar NURBS surfaces, that type of conversion would then come into MoI. I'm not sure if the Mac Rhino version has that yet though.

- Michael