Mysteries with MOI and Illustrator 10

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Leonard, I tested all your files and they all seem to open up fine here using the latest v3 beta (which was just released a couple of days ago, get it here: with the exception of "06 Dr" - that file was saved using the newer style AI format but without PDF compatibility turned on. If you rename the file to end in .pdf and then try to open it with the regular Acrobat PDF viewer, you'll see it is not able to read any shapes from it either, instead there is only some text that says:


This is an Adobe® Illustrator® file that was
saved without PDF content.

To place or open this file in other
applications, it should be re-saved from
Adobe Illustrator with the "Create PDF
Compatible File" option turned on. This
option is in the Illustrator Native Format
Options dialog box, which appears when
saving an Adobe Illustrator file using the
Save As command.

So in order for that one to come into MoI's newer PDF reader you have to enable that "Create PDF Compatible File" option in Illustrator as mentioned there - that is actually one side effect of the new PDF reading mechanism in the latest beta, previous versions of MoI could actually sometimes find some of the Illustrator private information but the new one needs for a PDF style AI file to actually have PDF content in it and not only private illustrator content, that's what that one particular setting that it mentions will do.

But all the other ones than that seem to be coming in fine over here - like I mentioned before it's totally normal for an open of an .AI file to not set the MoI window title for the active file - that only happens with 3DM files since 3DM is the only format where MoI is able to store anything that you can create in MoI.

A lot of what you are describing with system crashes and inconsistent behavior kind of sounds to me like you may have some kind of hardware issue - maybe bad ram (running a RAM test like memtest86 may be a good idea), or overheating or a buggy video driver are some likely suspects... Have you seen any general system instability recently?

- Michael