Iso Curve

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Burr, I didn't really have anything else specific planned for it... Maybe it could be a good fit for a separate plug-in to do some more styles of generating them.

But re: cover a surface with a given spacing - the difficulty with that is that isocurves can easily have highly variable spacing in 3D distance between them, here's a quick example:

So notice there how that particular surface is wider at the ends and compressed in the middle area? Isocurves generated on it will correspond with that - any 2 isocurves from that surface do not have any fixed distance between them - in the compressed area of the surface there is a tighter spacing and in the wider ends there is a wider spacing in 3D space. In UV space they may have a constant distance in that space but that's different than an actual 3D distance measurement. You seem to be asking about giving one single 3D distance value but that does not really exist in all cases, only highly regular and very simple surfaces like a plane or extrusion would actually have that, and you can use an array tool to make repeated spaced stuff for those cases already actually.

- Michael