Iso Curve

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Burr, any method that starts with UV curves and then evaluates those into 3D will have the exact same issue as using Flow.

It seems that maybe you want a completely different construction method rather than one that comes from UV space which is also what the Isocurve command is focused on.

I guess I'd need to see some examples of what kind of results you would expect to get on non-uniformly shaped surfaces like the "bow tie" type thing that I posted earlier. Do you want planar cut lines with spaces between the cut planes? If so then that is different from UV based construction and you can get that currently by making an array of lines and using Construct > Curve > Project.

If you don't want that either then I guess I need to have some more explanation of what you want. It's not clear to me that it's physically possible to do what you are mentioning but if you can maybe make some examples and describe it in more detail that may help me to understand it better.

Surfaces are tricky things to handle with "constant spacing" since they can be dynamically stretching and compressing in all sorts of ways and can have totally different lengths across them in different regions of the surface.

There's also different ways of even measuring what you mean by distance between things - for example on any 2 points on the surface you could either measure the direct distance between those 2 points (as if they were joined by a straight line) or you could also measure the distance that would be traveled by walking from one to the other while staying on the surface.

- Michael