how to move an edge or points of a volume

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi wimverbe,

no, by shear I mean this:

but I get it now! separate, show points, select points, move!

It is possible to do it that way but it's not the primary way you would normally approach it with MoI - if you wanted a sheared cylinder you would normally draw in 2 circles and place them at those slanted positions and then loft between them so that the first solid that you actually generate is already in the slanted position that you wanted.

Just in general the main workflow that MoI is oriented towards is that you put more effort into setting up a system of curves at key profile areas of your shape, then you construct the object from those curves and the generated result is then in the shape you want right from the start. Then you follow the shape generation by using other curves to cut away material, either slicing ends off or cutting holes, and then you can apply fillets to round off sharp edges.

But usually most of the shaping should come from curves that you draw, not so much from surface control point modification. If you're focused more primarily on modifying surfaces you're trying to use a polygon modeling workflow with MoI instead of a NURBS modeling workflow, they're really pretty different in how they work.

One other general area that people with a polygon modeling background tend to have some trouble with is getting used to using cutting or trimming operations as a primarily way to get things done, especially in cases where it is best to build an initially larger and more simple structured extended shape before then cutting it to form the final edges, rather than trying to model everything directly to the final edges initially.

See here for some links to discussions and some tips that may help people who are coming from a polygon modeling background:

- Michael