how to move an edge or points of a volume

 From:  wimverbe
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I still don't quite grasp it. if I generate a cylinder, and highlight one of the circles, I cannot show points or move that circle. if I copy the 2 circles, delete the cylinder, paste the circles back and loft them, then I have full control over the circles and can move them, scale, rotate and move individual points. huh?
I wanted to shear a cylinder, but have to go through all these steps to simply move one end a bit, that does not make sense... I know this is not a polygonal modeling tool, but this is just changing one aspect of a parametric volume... I cannot even take one side of a cube and extend it without having to use the scale tool, and that is pretty restricting I find.
you say all generic transformations are possible without separate or copy, but not here. or is this still a limitation of the mac version maybe?

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