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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Carlos,

> on File > Open it should show recent files names, but its
> shows a couple months old files.

The recent files list is also stored in moi.ini so yeah it sounds like something was preventing moi.ini from being changed.

Maybe check if it has been set to be "read only", and also have you possibly moved it from its default location to be alongside moi.exe instead? MoI will find it if you place it there, but on Windows Vista and Windows 7 there is a system in place that prevents programs from modifying files in the \Program Files folder so that's another thing that could be happening.

If it's the latter problem you could either move moi.ini back to it's default location in %AppData%\Moi , or disable UAC which is that system that prevents programs from changing things in protected folders (but this will decrease general security on your machine), or also you could try doing a right-click on MoI and pick "Run as administrator" - when you do that it will allow the program to write to protected folders for just that run.

- Michael