Constrain to axis script?

 From:  Michael Gibson
5259.4 In reply to 5259.3 
Hi Mark,

> I had found the straight snap and use it a lot but sometimes the mouse movement will
> take an object off line and it will shoot into the distance or behind something.

When that happens it means that either your mouse strayed too far off the straight snap line and it disengaged, or that you had object snap also turned on and your mouse was near an object snap point.

For the first one, if you find that straight snap is disengaging too easily for you, there are some settings you can adjust under Options > Snaps > Straight snap options - one for "Activate distance" and also "Keep active distance". The first one is the distance you need to be in pixels from the line for it to initially turn on. The second one is the distance that you need to stay within for it to keep active once it has initially engaged. If you for example double these values then it would make straight snap basically activate and stay active within a larger distance.

If it's the second problem where you're getting a jump because your mouse is nearby an object snap you can solve that one by turning off object snap in the bottom toolbar.

- Michael