MoI 1.0 is coming, so...

 From:  Michael Gibson
525.9 In reply to 525.7 

> Well, we obviously disagree on that. Can't say I 'm right but you're certainly wrong! :-))
> (just kidding). My limited as I often say experience makes it hard to change the way
> of working and thinking.

Well, let me put it this way - if you want to make a trapezoid shape and you have 2 lines, and every time you edit one line the other one also changes to match the same size, that will make it difficult to create a trapezoid, do you agree with that?

To make a trapezoid you want each line to have a different size.

> BTW, I discovered some problems with history that makes it very limiting.

Yes - the focus of History for Version 1.0 is mostly to allow fine tuning for the results of surfacing commands like revolve, loft, and sweep.

History is limited in many other areas than this right now. I don't expect history to be really improved from this for the 1.0 release of MoI - if history is very important for what you need to do, then probably some other software than MoI would be a better choice until some time in the future when MoI's history has the additional functionality that you need.

> 1. I make a curve and then 2 copies. I enable history and everything works OK.
> If I move one of the copies, the relation with the initial object, breaks.

This is because moving the copied object is in effect similar to deleting the copy and creating a new moved version of it. The deleting of the object is what breaks the history chain. Eventually there will be a way to preserve history in this situation but this won't be ready for V1.

> 2. History doesn't work with array command.

Yes, History doesn't work properly right now with some commands that generate multiple outputs from one single command such as array. I do expect to improve this in the future, but this will probably remain a limitation for V1.

- Michael