MoI 1.0 is coming, so...

 From:  JTB
No, all history in MoI is a one-way operation, where you can modify the input objects to a command and then recalculate the output.
For example - if you have 2 curves and use the "Loft" command to create a surface, you can later on edit the 2 curves which were inputs into Loft, and then history will recalculate the Loft. But it isn't possible to edit the resulting Loft surface and have the changes apply back to the input curves
No, I didn't mean that, I was talking about being able to change the original object by changing the copy of it... nevermind, this can't happen, I made some tests.>>>
Imagine if the copied line was farther away from the original one, it would be easily possible for the other one to change without someone noticing it, leading to a lot of confusion when they later returned to that area of the drawing. These are the ways that too much automatic history can lead to confusing people and getting in the way.
Well, we obviously disagree on that. Can't say I 'm right but you're certainly wrong! :-)) (just kidding). My limited as I often say experience makes it hard to change the way of working and thinking.

BTW, I discovered some problems with history that makes it very limiting.
1. I make a curve and then 2 copies. I enable history and everything works OK. If I move one of the copies, the relation with the initial object, breaks.
2. History doesn't work with array command.

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