MoI 1.0 is coming, so...

 From:  Michael Gibson
525.2 In reply to 525.1 
> 2. Update (or not) history is something I will never understand.
> Why isn't it automatic for everything? When would someone would
> need to disable that?

Hi JTB - well, it can pretty easily get in the way of doing some simple things.

Here is one very basic example. Let's say a person wants to draw a trapezoid shape:

Imagine that they start by drawing one line for the top or bottom edge and then copy it to make the opposite edge. Then they turn on control points and edit one to make it a slightly different shape.

At this point if history was automatically turned on they would get messed up, because if history automatically applied to the copy, every edit they did of the original would update the other line to match it in size. That's not what they want in this case - even though the second line started out as a duplicate of the first, in this case they want to tweak them separately instead of having them connected to each other through history.

If history updating was literally turned on for everything, it would get in the way of making simple copies of an object that you intended to be used as the starting point for a new shape instead of a clone.

- Michael