MoI 1.0 is coming, so...

 From:  JTB
Since the official release is not far, I would like to add some more wishlist items to my old big list and to clarify some things.
I am very happy to see that MoI community is growing fast.
Michael, I think some of them are important (at least to me) so I would appreciate your opinion

1. Twist and bend commands added. Is it possible? I believe they are very useful.
2. Update (or not) history is something I will never understand. Why isn't it automatic for everything? When would someone would need to disable that?
3. Almost 100% of the work we do in MoI is with boolean ops... So, history updating for solids created with booleans are necessary.
4. I would like to connect the curve and the solid (maybe with a Y/N option) because when I move an object, it is easier to pick the 3d solid than the curve

...more to come

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