Convert a control point curve to interpolation points (through points)?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Brian, I see - but it's probably going to be quite difficult to get a good fairing routine just done in script.

But you might check out the RebuildCurve script that Petr made all in script before the regular Rebuild command was implemented though - it samples points on an existing curve and then makes a new "curve through point" through those points, it's the one here:

That does what I think you're asking about, getting some points along an existing curve than using "Curve through points" to build a new curve through those points.

That's more about reducing a curve's control point structure more than actual "fairing" though.

I am planning on experimenting with some other curve fairing mechanisms that will be more based on altering an existing curve's tangents to try and more evenly distribute changes in curvature. It won't be easy to do that at a script level right now though.

- Michael