How to Resize a Multitude of Similar Objects?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi YHWH_777,

> For example, say you create a cube that is 1x1x1 in size. Then you create an array that is
> 10x10x1 with a spacing of 1x1. You will now have 100 cubes in a 10x10 array. What if I
> wanted to change the size of the cubes from 1x1x1 to 1.5x1.5x1.5?

In the case you're describing here just selecting everything and running the Scale command and use a scale factor of 1.5 and the end result of that will have cubes of size 1.5x1.5x1.5 .

That will also increase the spacing between items to be 1.5 units as well.

There is not currently any automatic method that you would use for increasing the size of the cubes while also maintaining the same 1 unit separation between them. Just sizing each one "in place" would not work for that either - since the objects would increase in size the space between them would actually decrease. You would need to both size and move each item in order for the space between them to remain a constant distance.

I'd recommend just deleting all the cubes and making a new array if you needed that level of control over the sized result.

If you need to do this kind of thing a lot you might want to look into using a parametric CAD program for that part of the modeling rather than MoI - in a parametric CAD program you would probably be able to set up some system of spacing constraints that would allow for the kind of adjustments that you are talking about. Check out Alibre or Solidworks for that kind of stuff.

- Michael