How to Resize a Multitude of Similar Objects?

 From:  Frenchy Pilou (PILOU)
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You have something for rotate a multitude of Objects on their own point pivot ;)
Rotateobjects by Michael
(scroll for the updated script)

No doubt that Michael can easily adapt it for Scale ;) (no need see follow! ;)

You have also ExplodeMove who can move objects inside the prog itself !

In fact you have ScaleArray ! ;)

I have made a little video (sorry in French but very visual :)
The point will be the pivot! So put it at the gavity center on your case!
Just take the same Scale Start and End ;)

Don't think for the moment how put a point to each object of a selection multiple of objects ...
So you must remake your array of cube + point (or use the Array for the point if you have not move your cubes before ;)

The inside Command BoundingBoxCenter put a point inside a boxSelection but alas just one point of a general selection!

But Michael has made this ;)

script: /* Place a point at each selected object's bounding center */ var objs = moi.geometryDatabase.getSelectedObjects(); for ( var i = 0; i < objs.length; ++i ) { var obj = objs.item(i); var pt = obj.getBoundingBox().center; var ptfactory = moi.command.createFactory( 'point' ); ptfactory.setInput( 0, pt ); ptfactory.commit(); }

So select all your cubes, launch the script and you will have a point at each center of gravity ;)
And now you can launch the ScaleArray ;)

Curious the ScaleArray works not in this last case!!! Maybe because it's not a "copy" of Points?
So wait Michael for this new little obstacle! :)

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