How to Resize a Multitude of Similar Objects?

 From:  Michael Gibson
5243.11 In reply to 5243.10 
Hi YHWH_777,

> Is there any way to script this by selecting the objects and
> then having each object call the scale function?

Yes, that's possible, see the ScaleArray script that Pilou mentioned above for a starting point.

It's also possible though by just using Scale and Move in combination with one another - apply the scale to all objects using a scale factor of 1.5 like I described above, and then to counter-act the spacing increasing you can select a row of objects and move them by 0.5 units over, add the next row and move by 0.5, etc... after doing that to all rows and columns you will have adjusted their spacing back to what you need, without recreating the whole array.

- Michael