How to Resize a Multitude of Similar Objects?

 From:  YHWH_777
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<< Hi YHWH_777, the easiest way is to just delete all the objects except for the one in the corner and to scale that one, then make a new array.

Is there any reason that would not work for you?>>

Yes, that wouldn't really work very well for me.

First off, I have lots of objects. After they were arrayed, I offset them slightly from their position.

In addition, I have named the objects, styled/colored the objects, exported the objects from MoI (to OBJ/MTL), imported the objects into a renderer, setup the objects in the other renderer, and rendered the scene.

Starting from scratch would mean that I would have to redo all of those steps (which would take many, many hours).

I can make modifications to the scene and reimport everything as long as the linkages are the same (which is based off of the style names in the OBJ/MTL files). So I am trying to modify the scene slightly (by resizing the objects) and then reimport. Hence the question.

Is there any way to script this by selecting the objects and then having each object call the scale function?