Filleting Issue

 From:  Michael Gibson
5239.8 In reply to 5239.6 
Hi Rogurt, re: new fillet - it looks like the sort of twisting of the loft that you've got there makes a kind of sheared surface that has enough curvature in it to make it so that fillets generated between that and the other piece will not match up and need little corner pieces put in. When the juncture pieces between fillet pieces are tiny and slivery it's another thing that can confuse the fillet mechanism.

If you want to make a regular shape that will be easier to fillet, I'd recommend placing a chamfer on the outer edge, it's the easiest way to make a cleaner shape that won't have that kind of internal curved/sheared type structure to it.

The way you can do that is to have your base block with just the inner cavity removed from it like this:

Then select these:

And apply a chamfer:

This will now fillet much more easily - all the fillet pieces will meet up naturally:

The 3DM file with the chamfered result in it is attached so you can test filleting it yourself as well.

When fillet pieces go between 2 curved surfaces it causes one side of the fillet to extend a bit more along the fillet rails than the other side and then that's what was making your other one a more difficult fillet situation.

- Michael