Filleting Issue

 From:  Rogurt
Hi Michael,

thanks for your explanations. Very often I find that it is quite hard for me to find that one correct way to build such a simple model so it will suit for further tweaking.

While I really appreciate that you help us users each and every time, it really takes some time to figure things out this way. In professional application I could not spare that time (the model had to be build in few hours time). A befriended 3d artist mine bought MOI when he saw it on my computer and loved the simplicity but a few weeks later he switched to rhino for exact that "why the heck does the filleting just not work" thing.

Maybe there could be some sort of debug window or colored display of surface curvatures which gives me a clue that there might be a problem. So I´d be able to solve things on my own...

Thanks again,