An Homage to 3D Masters

 From:  Michael Gibson
5235.11 In reply to 5235.8 
Hi Mike it turned out really great - what a nimble looking machine and I love all the detail in the wheel structures!

> Could something like this be done in the memory resident background whenever
> you stop manipulating the viewport.
> When you stop moving in the viewport, MoI would take a screen image of the view, except at
> a larger size (4x), re-interpolates it to original size, thus smoothing out the un-anti-aliased edges,
> and then inserts it back into the viewport.

This is something that's more likely to get implemented as just an option to activate the built-in Direct3D anti-aliasing mechanism which then just essentially renders all content with more samples similar to that.

It's a little finicky to set up because support for it varies from card to card so I have to make sure to properly query the card to see what its capabilities are. I do expect to figure that out at some point.

- Michael