question regarding using drawings / blueprints as templates

 From:  TpwUK
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Hi mjs - I have had a look around and you seem to have the only ones out there, however there are numerous reference pics for front and rear views. May I suggest that you use the side views and top view in that set of prints, the car is pretty much a box on wheels and should not pose too much of a problem in MoI, then fill in the details for the front and rear by using reference photos. Again it should be pretty easy from what I have seen.

Sorry if that's not what you want to hear, but you will soon find out that there are very few real good prints that are out there. It is also in my experience that if you approach the manufacturers directly, they may very well send you old brochures and technical drawings especially for models that are no longer in production and are hardly considered to be conceptual property any longer.

Hope that helps :¬)