Group objects into a subassembly?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Mauro, yup I definitely want to boost the organization capabilities.

But also I want to do it carefully too, once systems like that are put in place it's very difficult to go back and change them so I've wanted to be pretty sure about the path to take before jumping in.

I've seen many organization systems that can end up being quite inflexible and can cause a lot of problems with side effects from how they work, so that has made me be fairly cautious about the whole general area.

So far the initial steps of being able to have 3 different methods of organization (by object name, by types, and by styles) has turned out well as a starting point I think, especially since they are able to interact with one another instead of only one system taking total precedence. So at least so far it's nice and flexible and I want to try and preserve that going forward too.

One of the main things missing currently is hierarchy though, and I definitely want to incorporate something for that.

- Michael