Group objects into a subassembly?

 From:  ed (EDDYF)
Thanks Michael. Giving the group of parts a name does help in the selection of the sub-assembly.

I'm designing a precision engraving machine and the spindle + pulleys + brackets + collet + 6 other parts form a sub-assembly. This is actually a purchased item and so I don't need to modify this part of the model.

But in the true spirit of MoI, I'm playing around with the position and size of the other machine components to insure it will all come together without interference. Being able make adjustments and see this in 3D is a big improvement over using 2D drawings.

Yeah - I was looking for the Corel Draw equivalent of "Group" / "Ungroup" which I use all the time. In moving the other machine components, it's very easy to select & move a piece of the spindle assembly by accident.

Anyway, I'm glad you'll be addressing this in the future.