Group objects into a subassembly?

 From:  Michael Gibson
5231.2 In reply to 5231.1 
Hi Ed, the closest thing you can do to that right now is to assign all those objects a name - to do that select them all and then go the properties panel and click on the line that shows the object name and then a dialog will pop up that will let you enter in a new name.

Once you have done that, an entry for that name will appear in the "Objects" section of the scene browser. To move the objects together right-click on the selection dot for that object name so that those objects are the only things selected, and then you can transform them all at once.

I am planning on adding a "Group" mechanism which would help make this particular kind of thing easier - I'm thinking that a group will also appear in the "objects" section but some differences are that it will be able to have child groups to form a hierarchy and also I'd like to make an option for a group to do "Atomic selection" or "Select as one", to help make the whole thing select as one unit when you click on it to make it easier to do the kind of thing you're talking about.

A couple of issues that I have not quite sorted out yet is whether Groups should have a different section in the scene browser all their own, or whether it would be good to combine both groups and named objects inside the "Objects" section of the scene browser, and also if it's really necessary to have both "Object names" and "Groups" as kind of different things or whether they can be merged into one single thing a bit more.

> I see the "Lock" feature, but that locks the assembly from moving.

Lock prevents things from being selected. It's used to keep things on the screen for visual reference but out of the running with regard to selecting and modification.

- Michael