Navigation tips

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Playdo - "navigating" usually means manipulating the view. But it sounds like you might be talking about transforming an object?

In the 2D views you can do a bunch of object transforms quickly using the edit frame:

That is a planar thing though so it's only available on either 2D views or on a planar object when in the 3D view.

In the future I'm probably going to add some sort of 3D manipulator as well for working in the 3D view but that is not in there currently. However, you asked about "rotate, move and scale" - you can do moving in the 3D view just by dragging on an object, there is no manipulator needed for moving.

For rotating and scaling either switch to a 2D view to use the edit frame, or you can use the Transform tools on the side pane.

- Michael