after import from iges some meshes are double

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Hi Michael,

>is it possible for you to send me the 3DM model file with that one rod piece in it that you're showing there?


>...generating 107187 polygons for that one piece definitely seems excessive.

As you noted earlier, it is the curved surfaces. Boxy shapes and 3D forms are more efficient.

>Also why is it generating polygons in addition to lines, is it trying to do some kind of 2D shaded fill effect >with 2D polygons? Maybe there is a way for you to switch that part of the 2D generation off so that you >only >get the lines?

>I mean does it take your IGES import and then immediately dice it up into a bunch of triangles right when >you do the import?

The IGES file import is a full 3D model in VW and with boxy forms, triangles. VW 3D to 2D conversion offers fill (hidden line rendering) or no fill, aka wireframe. Wireframe = manual clean up while the other is fast and there is a manipulatable isometric with the bare minimum of lines as the product.

As you predicted, a sphere from MOI via IGES generates a complex 2D result using the hidden line rendering method vs. the wire frame (pics attached). So, yes, how the IGES curved surfaces are worked in VW is key.

I was hoping I had missed a MOI/IGES on-off switch, dial, slider, radio button or whatchamacallit that would help or that some bright spark would have a bypass. Alas, it is not to be.



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