after import from iges some meshes are double

 From:  Michael Gibson
5216.6 In reply to 5216.5 
Hi Leonard, is it possible for you to send me the 3DM model file with that one rod piece in it that you're showing there?

I can take a look at it to see if there is anything in the model itself that might be able to be simplified.

But it really looks like some mechanism in VW that needs to be tuned up - generating 107187 polygons for that one piece definitely seems excessive. Also why is it generating polygons in addition to lines, is it trying to do some kind of 2D shaded fill effect with 2D polygons? Maybe there is a way for you to switch that part of the 2D generation off so that you only get the lines?

Is VectorWorks not very oriented on working with actual curved model data directly? I mean does it take your IGES import and then immediately dice it up into a bunch of triangles right when you do the import? Maybe that's the fundamental issue.

What happens if you just transfer a single sphere from MoI to VW using IGES format, does it generate some complex 2D drawing from that as well? That would probably be a good test to try. If that generates a complex 2D result then it's likely that the drawing generation mechanism in VW just does not deal very well with curved objects in general, and I don't see what could be done in MoI to solve that problem.

- Michael